Environmental policy

Vink Plastics has a mission aimed at creating value for our customers by supplying them with optimized plastic solutions. In striving towards our mission it is very important to us, that our impact on the environment is as little as possible. As Vink only distributes and processes semi finished plastics and not actually produce the raw materials themselves, it is vital to us, that we know our suppliers and their products to the core. By knowing them and by setting them to a high standard, we then combine their efforts with ours as we sell or process the raw materials. This way we impact the environment as little as possible and adhere to all demands on the market set forth by the EU. 

Vink Plastics sorts plastic waste according to grades/types in order to properly dispose or recycle any leftovers from our production.

These processes include:


  • Adhering/obeying all demands set forth by legislature in accordance to environmental law and regulations imposed, from our end seen as, at least, minimum requirements to our company.
  • We are always updated in following these laws/regulations by international law in relations to the agents used in our plastics
  • All our plastic waste types can either be reused or burned
  • The raw materials used in our semi finished plastics live up to the standards of the European RoHS and REACH documents as well as the recommendations and regulations of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).
  • We constantly work on bringing down our energy- and heating expenses i corroboration with external advisors
  • If the customers requests this, we will bring back any leftover materials to our care after arranging to do so
  • We sort our wastes according to materials which allows us to re-use large quantities
  • Our environmental policy/listings are available on line and all new employees and customers are introduced to these to ensure common grounds and understanding

Vink Plastics has special materials on plastics and how it effects the environment. Please contact us for these or any other materials about plastics.

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