Modern industry relies on innovation, knowledge and product development to survive. But for Vink Plastics, survival isn't enough. We aim to evolve and distance ourselves from our competitors. This is ultimately done by providing our knowledge about plastics to our customers - giving them the competitive advantage over their own competition - and letting us reach our common goals. 

Vink Plastics does not run from our role as a knowledgeable company - we embrace it. By sharing information and constantly upgrading our knowledge and experience, we are now able to supply not only plastics, but entire products; from first idea to mass production.

Vink Plastics has throughout the years changed. From being product oriented to being more market oriented in our business approach. Why this shift? Because Vink Plastics has realized that our knowledge combined with that of our suppliers not only benefits our customers. It also changes the ways we use plastics and optimized every aspect of our product portfolio. In essence; our new course not only changes the word of plastics, it also relays competitive advantages to our customers and suppliers making us a dominant partner in plastics.

Like we say at Vink. Knowing plastics obligates!

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