Need plastics?

Vink Plastics are the world leader in plastics - a fact we fully embrace - based on over 50 years of experience. We aim to pass on the advantages of plastics to our customers. This we do, because we realize that the success our customers is ours as well. But more importantly, be developing plastics as an engineering product within the industry, we help to make the world a better place by utilizing raw materials using them where the make positive difference. Our future generations should have the benefit of the ground work we make today. 

So how do you find out, if you really need plastics? This is where Vinks experience comes into play. Vink Plastics have a number of professional engineers employed, whose purpose is to develop and design the future applications in plastics. These engineers have all the product information from countless suppliers, years of experience from a professional organization and a sub supplier/supplier network that can make any plastics application real - if it makes sense! These engineers will come to you, look at your end products and how you produce these, and then start over and all aspects - calculate and crunch the numbers - to find any components or production processes in which plastics can make a positive difference. 

In other words; we'll show you where - with advantages - you can substitute an existing component in your product or assembly line with plastics. We'll make you stronger and the best part is, if you don't like our ideas, you don't have to use them. Call/contact us today and we'll set up a meeting. It is free of charge and mainly consist of a visit at your location from one of our consultants and an engineer. They will run through your products and talk about the world of plastics, and how we can help you in your daily operations. 

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