Vink Plastics - your guide to plastics

Vink Plastics supply to all branches of the industries, be it for guides, gears, rails, sockets, cog wheels or machine guards. We don't just supply parts, but rather engineered and special designed parts for individual purposes in state-of-the-art production facilities. 

Our core areas of expertise are: 
  • Food and beverage machines
  • Packaging machines
  • Ships building and nautical equipment
  • Lab equipment
  • Electronics 
  • Concrete and cement machines
  • Orthopedics equipment
  • Textile machines
  • Special machines
  • Breweries
  • OEM machine industries
  • Body work/coach work production

Contact us for a visit - a so called "Need for plastics" visit - in which we go through the world of plastics and how it relates to your products. Let us help you find a cheaper, better and more optimized way of using plastics or maybe just some good ideas. It is completely free of charge, but it may help you discover a brand new world in plastics. 

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