PA (Ertalon® and Nylatron® - nylon) sheets, rods and tubes

PA is one of the most used constructional materials for nearly all industrial areas. As a semi finished plastic, it is used in numerous ways within the machine industry for bearings, wire discs, clutches, chain gangs and similar machine components that requires good wear resistance as well and excellent machinebility capabilities. PA can reduce noise/sound in moving applications which ensures a better working environment and does not require maintenance like steel. When compared to other materials, PA also excels in density-to-weight ratio. 

In the food and beverage sector PA is often used because it does not require lubrication that could potentially contaminate the products. Amorph PA is used for water measuring devices or equipment where other transparent materials aren't chemical resistant enough or where PA offers superior overall qualities. Arguably, PA is the preferred material for modern industrial applications today.

  • Excellent combination of mechanical strength and chemical resistance
  • Resistant to wear and tear against rugged surfaces
  • High tensional strength
  • Reduces vibrations
  • Resistant to most carbons (dis-solvents) and most bases
  • Can be modified and reinforced - resulting in extreme strength and stiffness for high temperatures with very low friction efficiency

Caution should be used whenever APET is used
  • With water - absorbs and dispells moisture from its surroundings
  • In sun lights (is vulnerable to UV rays)
  • With acid - is vulnerable to most acid forms

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