PBI (Celazole®) sheets

Normally PBI is used for critical components in order to reduce the expenses for maintenance and to reduce the amount of production stops, due to malfunctions/break downs. Ii is generally used as a substitute for metal and ceramics in: pump components, valves (high tech valves), bearings, rolls and high temperature isolators. PBI is a very "clean" material (ionic polluters) and does dis-spell gases (only water vapor). These qualities makes it extremely popular to high tech companies such as semi conductor manufacturers and the aviation-/space industries.

PBI is the thermoplastic with the highest temperature resistance and the best mechanical qualities of all plastics in temperatures exceeding 200° C.
Caution should be used whenever PBI is used:
  • With water - collects moisture (water) from its surroundings
    With chemicals - only moderately chemical resistant

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