PC (Lexan® polycarbonat) sheets, rods and foils

PC (polycarbonate) has a wide array of uses. Sheets for protection, security cladding around industrial machines and operation stations/drivers units. Sheets are also used for anti-theft barriers, store windows, banks and even bulletproof windows on military vehicles. PC even comes in a special anti-scratch surface. It can be processed with heat (heat formed) into special signs, monitor protection, computer cabinets and other products that require high impact strength. 

PC tubes are used as water- or oil indicator glasses that has to withstand high pressure and/or impacts. PC rods are processed into components that has to withstand heavy impacts whilst still being transparent. Within the building sector polycarbonate sandwich sheets are used for their strength, low weight and high insulation properties, as sky lights, roof structures, green houses etc. As a semi finished plastic PC sheets are often preferred, but in mass production lines PC is also used to produce parts made by extrusion or injection molding. Finally, PC comes as a enhanced material with certain additives - mostly glass grades of some form - and in the last years, certain grades based on a foamed process has hit the market.
Extreme impact strength even at low temperatures
  • Dimensional stable and heat resistant
  • Good stiffness and shrink resistance
  • High light transparency
  • Highly electrically insulating

Caution should be used whenever PC is used:
  • In water over a continuous 60°C
  • In oxygenating environments and a long range of carbons (dis-solvents)

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