PE (Tivar®, Borotron® & Quicksilver®) sheets, rods, tubes and foils

PE (or PEHD) is a relatively cheap material with good wear resistance and chemical resistance. Used within many industrial segments it find uses such as pipes, fittings and sockets in the chemical industry. PEHD are often used for container liners, galvanizing equipment and welded special storage containers. When machined, PEHD is often used for wire discs, rail guards, railings etc. In transportation, you will find PEHD in dump trucks hauling coal, grain or sand because of its excellent slip-stick abilities. In the foods industry it is used i an array of places such as cut blocks, forms for foods, freezer walls and piping for water, sewage and gas mains.

  • High wear resistance under controlled use
  • High charpy value even at low temperatures
  • Works well with numerous chemicals
  • Low water absorption and barrier capabilities
  • Approved (select qualities) for direct food contact
  • Low usage temperature
  • Medium to low priced 

Caution should be used whenever PEHD is used:
  • In high temperatures
  • When high wear resistance and stiffness is required
  • When there demands of resistance towards shrinkage
  • When there are demands of dimensional stability
  • In highly oxidative environments and with aromatic and aliphatic carbons
  • In UV-rich environments - can however be stabilized with black additive

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