PEEK (Ketron®) rods

Ketron® PEEK qualities are based on the resin polyetheretherketon. These semi crystalline - and highly advanced - materials possess an unique combination of extremely good mechanically capabilities, temperature resistant as well as chemical resistant. These factors all make Ketron PEEK the most popular of the "high performance materials".

Quality characteristics:
Ketron PEEK is available in four different qualities, that all bring unique skill sets:

Ketron PEEK-1000 (natur/grayish brown and black):
This quality is made from pure PEEK. Of all the Ketron qualities, this one is the toughest with the highest impact strength. Both the Ketron PEEK-1000 natur and the black color can be cleaned by steam, dry heat, ethylene oxide and gamma radiation. The raw material that is used for Ketron PEEK-1000 natur has been approved by the Japanese MITI organization, including being tested with various dis-solving agents and mutagens. The material fully meets EU guidelines as well as the American FDA regulations on plastics that comes in direct contact with foods. This makes it very popular in the foods & beverage industries as well as with the pharmaceuticals companies. 

Ketron PEEK-TX (blue):
Ketron PEEK-TX is especially engineered for self lubricating machine parts in the foods & beverage sectors. This self lubricating material is approved for direct food contact according to the FDA and EU directive 90/128. Ketron PEEK-TX has a far better wear resistance and a lower friction coefficient then the standard PEEK quality, which makes it perfect for a line applications that runs under constant wear - continuously - in the temperature range of 100°C to 200°C. 

Ketron PEEK-HPV (black):
By adding PTFE, graphite and Carbon fibres, this ”bearing grade” offers outstanding tribological qualities (low friction, high wear resistance and a high PV value) making it ideal for high wear- and frictional applications.

Ketron PEEK-GF30 (natur/grayish brown):
This quality has been reinforced with 30 % glass fibre. This makes it stiffer with very low shrinkage. Because of this, this is a more dimensional stable quality then normal PEEK and its ideal for constructed parts that under rising temperatures has to maintain its strength in lift. The material is so strong, that is important to monitor contact areas when in use, because the added glass fibre tends to "grind away" contact surfaces in time.

Ketron PEEK-CA30 (black):
This quality has been reinforced with 30 % carbon creating the highest wear resistance with even more impressive mechanical capabilities (higher E-Modula, mechanical strength and shrink resistance) then even the Ketron PEEK-1000. The additive also results in a 3,5 times higher thermal conductive ability then the non-reinforced PEEK. In essence; this material leads away excess heat form the bearings surface much faster then other materials. 

PEEK qualities - thanks to the many different kinds - are used in many different applications. The mechanical- and chemical advantages paired with their status as materials allowed in direct contact with foods however, makes them especially good for:

  • Stressed/pressurized bearings
  • Cog wheels
  • Worm wheels
  • Hydraulic parts
  • Pump parts
  • Wear discs 
  • Scrapers
  • General application in the chemical and food handling industries


  • Very high max. allowable continued temperatures (air) 250°C with up to 310°C in short time
  • High mechanical strength, stiffness and hardness - even at rising temperatures
  • Very resistant to chemicals and hydrolysis
  • Extremely good wear and frictional abilities - especially Ketron PEEK-HPV and Ketron PEEK-CA30
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Resistant to radiation – gamma- and X-rays
  • Low combustion and very low smoke development
  • Good electrical and dielectric capabilities - does not apply for Ketron PEEK-HPV and Ketron PEEK-CA30

Caution should be used whenever PEEK is used:

  • With concentrated sulphuric acid
  • With smoking/concentrated nitric acid

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