PEI sheets

This material finds great use within the medicinal-, medico-, electronic- and food industries. The most common applications are: components in medicinal apperatus utilizing steam auto claving, sterilisation trays, handles for dentist- and operating instruments, hadraulic links and fittings, electrical insulators, components for medico machines and analythic equipment and components in milk machines, valves and pumps. 

  • High max. operational temperature in air (170°C)
  • High mechnical strenght and stiffness in wide temperature spectrum
  • Good resistans to hydrolysis - can be steam sterilized
  • Tough even at low tmperature
  • Godd dimensional stability
  • Resistant to radiation – gamma and X-ray
  • Good elektrical and dielectrical capabilities 
  • Can be used in direct contact with foods

PEI 1000 (ravgult/translucent):
PEI 1000 semi finished plastics are made from the resin Ultem®. This advanced polymer is very unique due to its thermic-, mechanical- and electrical qualities combined with the fact that it is very difficult to ignite with very little smoke development. These qualities combined makes it ideal for electrical components, insulators and constructed parts that require high strenght and stiffness under escalating temperatures. PEI 1000 is especially good for medicinal- and analytical equipment because of its resistance to hydolysis whilst still maintaning an USP class VI approval.

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