PETP (Ertalyte®) sheets and rods

Semi-crystalline PETP has an excellent combination of mechanical-, thermal- and electrical attributes that makes it useful in an array of applications. PETP and the modified type: PETP TX is most often seen in mechanical engineering in which parts are under high levels of wear and tear. At the same time, the material offers dimensional stability and low friction qualities, which are often sought after in bearings, cog wheels, rolls and similar types of parts in machinery. PETP is used for electrical equipment because of its good electrical capabilities combined with high thermal stability and mechanical strength. 
Semi-crystalline PETP is known for:
  • High strength and stiffness
  • Good shrinking capability (little cold flow)
  • Great measurement security (does not absorb moisture and low thermal expansion coefficient)
  • Hard and polish able surface
  • Favorable frictional- and wear capabilities
  • High impact strength, but low charpy value (charpy sensitive)
  • Good electrical capability
  • Highly chemical resistant

Should be used with caution when: 
  • Used in parts with high charpy impact
  • Used in hot water or vapor/steam
  • Used with solvents and/or concentrated acids and bases

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