PMMA (Altuglas® acrylic) sheets, rods, tubes and foils

A lot of beautiful applications comes from PMMA - better known as acrylics. Typically it is seen as decoration, displays and other visually impressing products, but also for out doors use, due to its weather resistance and glass like traits. Its optical- and mechanical abilities makes it a shoe-in for use in applications that previously relied on glass, such as windows, shield and guard rails, security fencing etc. Acrylics were even before the 2. World War used in planes and later on integrated into casing/protection of machines and electromechanical equipment. Today acrylics are used pretty much everywhere for signs, displays, exhibition boxes and store windows. PMMA tubes are used for water survaliance equipment and similar types of equipment. For mass fabrication parts, acrylics are often seen in "partnership" with other materials that make use of its optical qualities. Vink provides acrylics as sheets, rods, tubes and foils.
PMMA should be used whenever you need: 
  • A beautifull and transparent material
  • Stiffness
  • High surface strength and brilliance 
  • Resistant to basic solutions and thinned down acids/un-polar solvents
  • Weather resistant (UV-radiation)

PMMA should not be used:
  • With strong dis solvents
  • With alcohol, kerosene and concentrated acids
  • In high tension applications

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