POM (Ertacetal®) sheets, tubes and rods

POM has become a very common plastic material, finding use as a technical plastic for parts that are visually impressive as well as strong. It's used in pretty much all areas of the industrial sector, and especially the food and beverage industry. Apart from its strength, its is also easy to machine and clean, because it is unaffected by most cleaning detergents used when producing foods and beverages. It is used to make cog wheels, guide rails, bearings, wheel guides, screws and many other components. In more specialized roles, POM is used for steering discs, cams wheels, joints and locks. The automotive industry uses POM for contacts, hinges and fuel tank caps. Because the material is so easy to machine is its very common in automated processing facilities (rods are available in center less-sharpened versions). In essence, POM is for machined parts that are close to maintenance free, strong, elastically and dimensional stable. 
POM is used whenever you need:
  • Good combination of hardness, stiffness and toughness
  • High tensile strength
  • Poor cold floating tendencies - "springy"
  • Beneficial frictional- and wear attributes with an ideal surface
  • Precision and dimensional stability
  • Broad temperature span use
  • Resistant to many chemicals

Caution should be used when:
  • Using strong mineral acids and oxidative chemicals
  • Used near UV-radiation (sunlight)
  • In contact with hot water
  • In applications with high wear/tension

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