PPS (Techtron®) rods

PPS – polyphenylensulfide – is a semi-crystalline polymer with extreme strength and stiffness. It usually comes in a glass fiber filled quality with one the most known brands being Techtron® from Vink Plastics.
Techtron HPV PPS is an enhanced, self lubricating quality PPS with high strength and rigid qualities. It is especially made for plain bearings, bushings and other movable machine parts. PPS has practicably closed the gap that previous existed between standard thermoplastics (PA, POM, PETP) and the more advanced materials (PBI, PAI and PEEK) when looking at the pricing as well as the characteristics. 
Techtron HPV PPS (dark blue) combines - at a very high level - qualities such as wear strength, load capacity and dimensional capacity, all at the same time as it can withstand chemicals and high temperature environments. Techtron HPV PPS is used where POM, PA, PETP, PEI and PSU does not suffice or in cases where PI, PEEK and PAI would be characterized as "over engineering” - making it financially unsound. Since the material is self lubricating, it has out standing wear capabilities and low frictional coefficient making it far superior to virgin PPS that has lower friction coefficient and the glass fiber enforced grade that usually wears more on the materials that make contact with it in machines. Its chemical resistance makes for several applications within pretty much every branch of modern industry including in industrial ovens for foods, chemical processing equipment or even electrical insulation equipment. 
PPS is excellent for injection molding with fine dielectric capabilities and is often used for switches, relays, joints and sockets and other electrical components. PPS can withstand a long range of chemicals and therefore find use in pumps, heat shields, gages, cooling systems and generator parts. Techtron HPV PPS is only supplied as a semi finished plastics and deployed in areas where there are a need for a material that can cope with high temperatures, low shrinkage, high wear resistance and chemical resistance. In other words; in applications where PA, POM, PETP, PEI, PES and PSU does not suffice.
  • Very high operational temperatures in air (220°C continuous and up to 260°C in short time)
  • High mechanical strength, stiffness and hardness - even at increasing temperatures
  • Good chemical- and hydrolysis resistance
  • Good wear and frictional capabilities
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Extremely resistant to radiation (gamma- and x-ray)
  • Good UV-resistant.
  • Low self combustion 
  • Good electrical- and dielectric capabilities

Techtron HPV PPS should not be used with: 
  • Highly oxidation ally medias
  • Strong mineral acids

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