PS (Vikureen®) sheets

PS (polystyrene) is frequently used in the signs & graphics industry for signs, adapted screens, cover cabinets and exhibition structures. In the transparent quality, PS is often used as screens, window protection and picture framing. In mass production it is commonly used because of its low costs and easy machining/forming abilities. Typical products made from PS are toys, packaging & wrappings, disposable cups, office supply and more. PS is - because of its low price a very popular blend material because it usually produces good looking and cheap products that are easy to mass produce.
PS is known for:
  • Good stiffness
  • Good electrical insulation qualities
  • Good/easy forming capabilities
  • Resistant to many acids and bases
  • Can be used with food and beverages

PS should be used with caution whenever: 
  • In contact with solvents
  • Used out doors/UV-rays will break it down
  • Temperatures are well above room temperatures
  • there are high demands to impact strength

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