PTFE (Flurosint®) rods, tubes, sheets and foils

PTFE - first and foremost - is used in environments in which high temperatures with excellent chemical resistance is a must. It can be characterized as the classic slip/stick low friction material of the plastics world and it is the ideal choice for bushings, bearings, membranes and slide parts in mechanical constructions. The material exhibits great electrical- and dielectric qualities as well as above average temperature- and aging qualities making it a immediate upgrade over a number of other materials.


Apart from superior frictional qualities, PTFE is:
  • Almost universally resistant to chemicals
  • Highly constant thermally
  • Low adherence (adhesive), low frictional coefficient
  • Outstanding electrical- and dielectric qualities
  • Withstands tensional corrosion
  • Weather resistant (UV-rays)

Disadvantages are few, but note worthy: 
  • Not great wear strength
  • Mechanical strength limitations
  • Cold flotation is common

These disadvantages however, can be eliminated with material enhancements. Fluorosint® 500 is a PTFE material enhanced with a synthetic additive. It is renowned for its unique chemical- and hydrolysis skill sets as well as its good mechanical and slide capabilities. As opposed to virgin PTFE, Fluorosint 500 is 9 times more resistant to deformation under loads. Its linear thermic expansion coefficient is close to that of aluminum and 1/5 of that of virgin PTFE, which often eliminates adaption- and mounting deficiencies/problems. Flourosint 500 is much tougher then virgin PTFE and has better wear and frictional capabilities. At the same time, it does not wear on materials in comes in contact with. Another variation of - Fluorosint 207 – fulfills the American FDA regulation on plastics in direct contact with foods. When combined with all the above advantages, the materials finds a wide range of uses in the foods & beverage- and medicinal industries.

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