PUR sheets

PUR is primarily used when flexibility, wear strength and the ability to absorb massive blows are required. PUR-EN is used for high load machines as bushings, joints, bearings, clutches etc. The same quality is also used for cylinders, rolls and springs. PUR-EN has a unique capability to absorb vibrations. PUR-EM is for volume based applications in transports or when handling abrasive medias such as heavy industrial, sives, mixer shovels, snow plow blades and heavy duty buffers. A foamed PUR elastomer is used as a pressure spring element - a shock absorber - in production- and transportation equipment. 

Typical advantages with compact PUR are:
  • Great strength in torque combined with great elongation strength
  • Remains flexible even at low temperatures
  • High wear strength
  • Good absorbing qualities
  • Resistant to oil, grease and petrol
  • Highly ozone- and UV resistant
  • Resistant to hydrolysis in certain qualities
  • Low costs in production with large/complicated applications by simple casting techniques

Foamed PUR is known for:
  • Compression qualities (compressed for lower volume)
  • Progressive work lines (elastically)
  • Great recoil values
  • Great elasticity
  • High buffer elasticity
  • Poor permanent deformation (Compression set)

Caution - should not be used whenever:
  • Hot water and vapor in the environment
  • Concentrated acids or bases are used
  • Aromatic solvents are used
  • There is any contact with foods
  • Low frictional qualities are required

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