PVC & PVC/PMMA (Vikupor®, Kömacel® and Kydex®) sheets, rods, tubes and welding wire

Grades and applications
Vink Plastics has a wide array of PVC based materials on stock. Special grades include PVC Flex - slivers - a softened PVC sheet which is "elastic" in shape, making it perfect in where-house as flexible "drapes" that either holds in heat or cold depending on what is needed. Vikupor® is a foamed PVC that has the strength and toughness of ordinary PVC but also a lower weight as well as chemical capabilities. 
PVC (hard) is used for water treatment- or chemical facilities in the form of tubes, fittings, fixtures or sheets that has been modified into tanks, containers, or ventilation installations. Clear PVC (PVC-glass) is used for windows or formed products. Impact resistant PVC (PVC-TF) is used in countless ways such as in fencing, screens, instrumental panels or as machine guards, machine screens, cabinets etc. Both in the machine  sectors as well as the electronics- and foods & beverage sectors, PVC has made quite the impact. It is a premium material for signs because it is susceptible to paints and varnishes. In such applications, PVC-TF and foamed PVC are the best because they are the easiest to machine and mount. The softer qualities are better for tarps, flooring and flexible doors/drapes.
PVC is characterized by::
  • Highly chemical resistant (acids and bases)
  • Great stiffness
  • Highly impact resistant (PVC-TF)
  • Good forming capabilities (PVC-TF)
  • Easy processable

Fair priced, but should not be used:
  • With strong solvents

Typical applications:

  • Housing, cabinets, covers and capsules
  • Ventilation parts and grates
  • Plane-, train- and bus interior
  • Cabinets for graphical machines
  • Decor and furnishing
  • Hidden parts such as supports and fencing
  • Transport boxes
  • Wall- and closet cladding in the hospital sector
  • Support rails and other similar helping applications in orthopedic gauzing

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