PVDF (Symalit®) rods

PVDF has, because of its chemical- and physical capabilities, a were broad area of use. PVDF is commonly used in applications that demand a combination of chemical resistance, mechanical strength and thermalogical strains. Quite frequently, PVDF is used as a "lining” in containers/cannisters made from carbon enforced polyester or steel. Typical applications in chemical-, petro chemical- and pharmaceutical industries as well as the foods & beverage,- paper- and galvanizing industries are: 
  • Tubes, fittings and valves
  • Heat exchanges
  • Cog wheels, bearings and bushels
  • Pumping houses and fly wheels
  • Filters

In the electronics industry PVDF is used for:
  • Film and sheets in capacitor
  • Parts in print circuits
  • Tues, tanks, valves, pumps and supports
  • Processing of microchips and print circuits
  • Applications in which ultra pure deionisied water and certain chemicals are used

PVDF is characterized by a combination of excellent properties, especially:
  • Highly chemical resistant
  • High degree of purity
  • Good mechanical capacity (strength, stiffness etc.)
  • Great wear strength and frictional qualities
  • Great resistance to aging
  • Highly thermical stable
  • Can withstand UV- and gamma rays
  • Very good dielectric capabilities
  • Is weldable

Caution should be used whenever PVDF is used: 
  • In chemical environments WITH UV-lights
  • With medias that contains NaOH or free Cl

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